Convenient API Access to the Kevari Fraud Intelligence Platform


Kevari RESTful APIs support both JSON and XML formats. The APIs are designed to be easy to use, and we provide API libraries and onboarding support to help you with the integration process.

We offer the ability to request generic endpoints or more specific endpoints depending on the use case.

REST API requests must be made using HTTPS and require an API key.


Kevari supports SOAP protocol with a universal API to access all Kevari solutions and data available from the platform.

Our SOAP access allows for optional elements to be omitted for specific use cases.

The SOAP request must be made using XML and the data is returned in XML format. All calls must be authenticated using the credential provided in the request.


Kevari offers the ability to access our solutions in bulk-mode that allows you to access our platform via a batch API.

This allows you to upload a single file (large or small) using the HTTP file upload feature and the response file can be downloaded once ready.

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