Actionable Intelligence for the Fraud-Fighting Community

The Kevari Fraud Intelligence Platform transforms big data into meaningful, actionable intelligence. Within the platform, machine learning and advanced analytical tools connect billions of data elements while anomaly detection identifies patterns and data groupings indicative of identity fraud. Accurate fraud scores, messages, and alerts help investigators prioritize and streamline their investigations.

Access the full Fraud Intelligence Platform or specific data segments to augment your existing fraud systems and controls.


Data and Solutions in Real Time

The Kevari APIs help you improve the quality and depth of your fraud controls by allowing you to access segmented data and full solutions quickly and securely from the Fraud Intelligence Platform. Don’t need real time this time? We also offer batch access to complete solutions as well as to specific files.




Added Precision from a Powerful Consortium ​

Only Kevari brings together shared networks to increase the fidelity of every fraud prediction.

Velocity Network – Data from millions of new-account inquiries and account profile changes reveal when identity information, emails, phone numbers, and addresses are being used in various combinations in rapid succession. Velocity is a powerful tool for detecting fraud rings and first-party fraud.

Fraud Investigation NetworkSM – Emails, phone numbers, and addresses that have been associated with fraud cases are shared within the network to alert other investigators who might come across that same contact information. Because the information is submitted by trained investigators, it gives credibility to the finding and serves to focus the new investigation.

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