Shut Down Fraudulent New Accounts Before Losses Occur

Kevari compares applicant information against myriad deep data sources in real time to identify fraud signals and out-of-pattern behavior indicative of first-party, third-party, and synthetic fraud. If suspicious applicants get past underwriting and a new account has been opened, investigators can start their research and apply restrictions immediately.

Thousands of financial services companies rely on Kevari to:

  • Integrate with applicant risk screening so fraud is detected quickly
  • Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of fraud investigations
  • Mitigate fraud losses and damage to the company’s reputation
  • Reduce customer friction with accurate fraud assessments

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Consortium-Enhanced Reliability

To accurately assess the likelihood of fraudulent new accounts, the Kevari Fraud Intelligence Platform taps a powerful consortium that includes an industry-leading velocity network, which captures the repeated submission of identity and contact attributes across thousands of participating institutions nationwide, and the Fraud Investigation NetworkSM, an unprecedented collaboration of front-line fraud investigators sharing emails, phone numbers, and addresses from fully investigated fraud cases.

Integrate Seamlessly with Applicant Screening

Fraud Intelligence Platform

Access the Kevari adaptable fraud detection system that uses algorithms and statistical models to return fraud signals and alerts on email, phone number, IP and physical address.

Data Fields

Integrate the Kevari data, velocity, and scores that will enhance your established fraud prevention controls and procedures.

Let's Stop Fraud Together

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