Supercharge Existing Fraud Controls and Verification Systems

Rely on the horsepower of the Kevari Data Network to reduce vulnerabilities in your existing waterfall and fortify your lines of defense. The Kevari Data Network has aggregated, enriched, one-of-a-kind attributes that you won’t find anywhere else. Through RESTful APIs, you can seamlessly integrate the unique data and scores you need – when you need them.

Unleash the Power of Unique Data

Fraud Signals

Early, highly predictive indicators that sound the alarm on fraudulent activities before they escalate.

Velocity Network

Real-time aggregation of new-account inquiries and profile changes from more than 6,500 financial institutions, offering unparalleled insight into the repeated use of credentials.

Fraud Investigation NetworkSM

Instant access to real-time information from financial institution fraud investigators, focusing on emails, phone numbers, and addresses linked to fraud cases.

Identity Elements

Comprehensive identity attributes, including addresses, phone numbers, emails, and IP addresses, to create new avenues to establish identity.

Advanced Machine Learning

Dynamic, precision-driven fraud-scoring system that adjusts to accommodate available inputs, ensuring accuracy and adaptability.

You’ll Stop More Fraud. We’ll Prove It.

Let us show you firsthand how the Kevari Data Network fortifies fraud defenses. We’ll collaborate with you to test data and models so you can quantify your ROI before making any purchasing decisions. 

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