Safe2ChangeSM Puts You on the Front Lines of Account Takeover Protection

Every day, around the clock, fraudsters hack into customer accounts. They make profile changes to disconnect customers from their financial institutions – so they can cash out before anyone knows what’s hit them.

This is why financial services companies use Safe2ChangeSM. This platform-based powerhouse from Kevari identifies anomalies, draws inferences, and creates deep connections among millions of seemingly unrelated data elements. Because without this level of threat assessment, fraud rings can go undetected.

Safe2Change assesses fraud risk completely, accurately, and in real time. It lets fraud investigators act quickly to stop account takeover schemes without creating unnecessary customer friction.

New Suspicious Activity? You Need to Know.

As is common with fraud rings, a case that once looked completely innocent can quickly become suspicious. Maybe the identity elements are starting to show up with frequency at other institutions. And they aren’t quite matched the same as when your institution first saw them. Or there’s now confirmed fraud associated with them.

When the situation changes, you need to know – and Safe2Change will alert you, sending you this updated information on cases that now need to be investigated.

Only Safe2Change, built on the Kevari Fraud Intelligence Platform, with its massive data and consortium networks, advanced analytical tools, and patented methodologies, can keep you on the front lines in the fight against account takeover – now, and in the future.


The Benefits of Safe2ChangeSM

  • Cost-effectively comply with regulations regarding address changes
  • Efficiently screen email, phone, and address in a single transaction with one provider
  • Increase the effectiveness of fraud investigations
  • Reduce the likelihood of customer friction with accurate, reliable fraud assessments

There are multiple ways to access Safe2Change. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demonstration!


What data does Safe2Change access on the Fraud Intelligence Platform?

The Fraud Intelligence Platform combines multiple proprietary identity-related networks, including those for physical addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, and emails, plus velocity data and information from the Fraud Investigation Network, to identify fraud signals and anomalies indicative of account takeover.

Is Safe2Change compliance approved?

Yes. Safe2Change is compliant with FACTA Red Flags section 114B and CIP requirements.

Can Safe2Change be used to replace address-change verification letters?

Yes. Safe2Change represents a risk-based means of verifying address changes. Eliminating the letter process could save your company a great deal of money and time.

Does Safe2Change come with a case management system?

Kevari offers a complimentary cloud-based Alert Management System (AMS) that allows investigators to review fraud scores, track cases to resolution, and mine their own data for suspicious patterns and fraud rings. Please request a demonstration of Safe2Change on the AMS to see if it is right for your company. Safe2Change is also accessible without the AMS via API.

Does the Safe2Change Alert Management System help provide an audit trail?

Yes. Investigators can document their case research, keep notes, and mark cases as closed. They can also categorize the type of fraud they discovered in a searchable format to track trends.

What does a Safe2Change case report deliver via the Alert Management System?

Case reports include fraud-risk scores, score drivers, and supporting information needed for an investigation. Reports have expandable tabs that provide a deep assessment on the following: identity verification information, address, alerts, phone numbers, email, IP address, and velocity of identity elements.

How are investigators alerted when there is new suspicious information on a previous inquiry?

Users of the Alert Management System automatically receive an alert notice for a past inquiry. This means that since the inquiry first went through Safe2Change, new information about the email, phone number, or address associated with the application has been reported as “suspected fraud” by another Safe2Change user.

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