Founder Elliott Asks: Is it Time to Relegate Address Verification Letters to the Trash Heaps of History?

In a recent article for Great Lakes Banker, Adam Elliott, Founder and President of Kevari writes, “As you’re assessing opportunities to embrace modern technology and digitize your processes, don’t overlook checking the couch cushions of your compliance department for some additional cash. Yes, a lot of regulatory compliance is now achieved with the help of efficient automated systems, but thanks to inertia, some blasts from the past – like sending letters to comply with the FACT Act Red Flags rule for verifying address changes – are still alive and well. Isn’t it time to relegate address verification letters to the trash heaps of history?”

Download the full article to learn how today’s automated, analytics-driven systems for compliance with the FACT Act Red Flags Rule not only save money, but more effectively prevent the costly and devastating effects of account takeover attacks.

Download the article.


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