Nothing But Love For Money 20/20

I absolutely LOVE meetings. The more, the better. On Monday and Tuesday of last week alone, I was thrilled to attend 23 meetings – a new record for me!

Now that I have your attention, I should qualify my statements: I LOVE meetings at CONFERENCES, like Money20/20. That’s where I have the best opportunities to connect with companies open to forming strategic alliances and partnerships with Kevari.

During my 23 meetings at this year’s event, some common themes emerged, and they were similar to what I heard from solution providers LEND360 a few weeks ago.

Enhancing, rather than replacing.

Solution providers want to demonstrate to their clients that there is no need to pull the plug on an existing solution just because new threat vectors have emerged. Instead, existing solutions can be adapted and enhanced to respond to these threats without creating major disruptions for the client or its customers.

Seeking new sources of data.

Providers are continuously working on keeping their identity verification and fraud-detection solutions relevant and highly predictive. This means constantly enriching data sources with new real-time feeds from financial institutions, e-commerce platforms, government agencies, and more.

Leveraging artificial intelligence.

Providers are exploring ways to use AI and machine learning to form connections and analyze the relationships among ALL their data inputs, including transaction data, non-monetary attributes, biometrics, and imaging.

I left Money20/20 with many new contacts, follow-up tasks, and fond memories. I celebrated a milestone birthday while at the conference, and the vibe of the conference helped make it extra special.


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