Minneapolis-St. Paul Event Features Adam Elliott Discussing Minnesota as Rising Tech and Innovation Hub

Since Kevari became a part of Minnesota’s tech scene nearly two decades ago, our community has built significant momentum as a player on the national and international stages.

On Feb. 17, the Invest: Minneapolis/St. Paul Launch Conference brought together industry leaders from across the state, including Kevari President Adam Elliott, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing our market,

In a conversation about Minnesota’s status as a rising tech and innovation hub, Adam was joined by Ron Konezny, President and CEO of Digi International; Jamie Woell, Office Managing Partner at RSM – Minneapolis; and Joyce Ester, President of Normandale Community College. The discussion covered everything from how the pandemic has expedited the shift to digital, and what Minnesota’s tech and innovation sectors need to continue to grow.

“When we show up to work today, our job is to stop fraudsters,” Adam said during the discussion. “From a technology standpoint, we need the best and brightest in terms of data science and analytics. That’s a critical aspect for us: the talent levels that we need to stay one step ahead of the fraud.”

Keynotes from Steve Grove, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic and Development (DEED) and Tim Welsh, Vice Chair, Consumer and Business Banking at US Bank, bookended the conference.

You can find a written recap of the session here, or a video of the full event here

The event celebrated the upcoming launch of the Invest: Minneapolis-St. Paul 2022 Report, a comprehensive view of the region’s economic potential and the challenges accompanying that potential from the perspective of approximately 200 local leaders and elected officials.


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