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Harness the full horsepower of holistic solutions to fight account takeover and new-account fraud from the Fraud Intelligence Platform. Or tap into the Kevari Data Network to access the data and machine-learning-based scores that will supercharge your existing fraud systems and controls. Either way, you’ll be taking a significant step toward strengthening your fraud defenses.

Complete Solutions

Solutions for account takeover and new-account fraud are offered through Kevari via APIs or cloud-based interface. Certain solutions are also available through reseller partners such as FIS Global and Fiserv. Reach out to us to discuss the best access point for your company.

Segmented Data

There’s no need to replace your existing verification and fraud solutions when you can easily and significantly bolster their effectiveness with the Kevari Data Network. Through RESTful APIs, integrate truly unique data and scores into your existing waterfall of controls and potentially increase your fraud-detection catch-rate by 300% or more.

The Kevari Data Network includes:

  • Fraud Signals – Highly predictive indicators that allow you to stop fraudulent activities before they can escalate.

  • Velocity Network – Real-time aggregation of new-account inquiries and profile changes from more than 6,500 financial institutions, offering unparalleled insight into the repeated use of credentials.

  • Fraud Investigation NetworkSM – Instant access to real-time information from financial institution fraud investigators, focusing on emails, phone numbers, and addresses linked to fraud cases.

  • Identity Elements – Comprehensive identity attributes, including addresses, phone numbers, emails, and IP addresses, to create new avenues to establish identity.

  • Advanced Machine Learning – Dynamic, precision-driven fraud-scoring system that adjusts to accommodate available inputs, ensuring accuracy and adaptability.

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